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    Developed by 2x World Champion Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort as a mechanism to help people reach the pinnacle of their health and fitness goals, our exclusive training method is focused on Strength, Power and Conditioning, with 365 different workouts for an entire year. It’s more than just a training system, it’s a way of life that offers its members an opportunity to find enjoyment while reaching their goals and beginning a new lifestyle.

    You’ll never get bored here.

    WHY US


    After twenty plus years of experience as a professional athlete, Vitor Belfort has brought together an elite team of professionals to assist him in taking his world-class training regimen and adapting it to everyone's needs and capabilities. Belfort Fitness Lifestyle is a combination of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques, which provides the ideal path to obtain meaningful and long-lasting results by helping you build lean muscle and burn fat, as well as achieve a post workout “afterburn” that will have you burning excess calories and fat for the next twenty-four hours after the workout is complete.

    From Pro Athletes to stay at home moms, Belfort Fitness Lifestyle is designed for everyone. HERE, EVERYBODY WINS!