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BFL it's a Workout gym with focus in weigh loss, lightweight and wellness. Come workout with us!

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BFL Members burn up to 1,000 calories per class!

If you’re ready to feel and look better than ever, now is the perfect time to give a try at BFL fitness center!


Here everyone is a winner

BFL’s HIIT workout is combined with low impact cardio and strength training. Regardless of your experience or fitness level, you’ll be able to learn everything you need to look great, have lean muscle and feel your best!

Searching for a fitness center? Here are just a few of the additional benefits you can expect when training with us…

  • Burn calories with our HIIT workout that is tailored to burn 1,000 calories in 1 hour
  • Increased flexibility, strength, coordination and power to feel and look great
  • Having the sense of community as you train with a peer group who are supportive and helpful every step of the way
  • Unbreakable concentration
  • A huge boost to your self-confidence
  • A drastic reduction in your daily stress level
  • Improved leadership skills
  • Razor-sharp reflexes



Belfort Fitness Lifestyle, founded by Joana Prado Belfort, an entrepreneur, and her husband Vitor “ The Phenom” Belfort, 2x MMA World Champion, is a boutique fitness center that has been brought to the public for everyone to enjoy High Intensity Workout with Elevate Results. Vitor has taken a lifetime of knowledge and expertise that he has used to propel himself to the highest level of his sport for over twenty years and created an original formula that brings sport and exercise together.

Belfort Fitness Lifestyle’s workout delivers a total body training experience in less than one-hour. It combines a scientific approach to Strength Training, High Intensity Low-Impact Cardio, and the most innovative method of Kickboxing that the Fitness Industry has ever seen. Our sports performance based training model consists of Strength, Power, Conditioning and Performance workouts that are designed to help you build lean muscle and burn fat. Members can expect to burn between 500 to 1000 calories per class, in some cases more than 1000. At Belfort Fitness Lifestyle everybody wins, because you compete against yourself at your own pace.

Vitor has proven for over two decades that he knows what it takes to achieve results and become a champion. Now he’s ready to help you become the Champion of your own Lifestyle.

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Become the Champion of your own Lifestyle!


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